What is Rush?

For those new to Greek life, rush is the fraternity recruitment period. It spans over a week and it is a series of events put on by the fraternity. Phi Sigma Kappa hosts both a fall and winter rush week. These events are intended for potential new member participation to showcase what the fraternity is all about. The goal for fraternity prospects should be to get to know as many of the active brothers as possible and to enjoy the events. At the end of rush, potential new members will be contacted and offered bids if the active brothers wish for them to become associated with Phi Sigma Kappa. Upon being offered a bid potential new members have 24 hours to accept and begin their associate member process.

What it means to be an Associate Member?

Our pledging period is about 10 weeks, but is much more unique than other fraternities. Right from the moment you decide to associate member, you are treated with the same respect as any other brother. We do not haze and guarantee that you will never be forced into an uncomfortable situation. Our associate member process is designed to get you closer with your associate member class and the Fraternity as a whole. We also educate you on all national fraternity history as well as local chapter history. Our associate member process is not demanding at all. We require one weeknight per week to learn the history and essential information about the Fraternity as well as one night during the weekend for an associate member event. These nights are arranged around your schedules so that you don’t need to sacrifice anything.

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